Bury 20 and Sleaford Half Marathon

A rare event in the racing life of Long Eaton running Club with only 2 events to report on and only 6 Long Eatoners competing.

Saturday strider leader Sean Matthews took a trip to Bury St Edmonds to race 20 miles. With the weather pleasant and the course to his liking and the 13 miles he ran the day before not taking any toll on his legs, Sean managed to run his fastest 20 miles ever in 2:12:11 and finished 20th out of the 389 finishers.

5 members ran the Sleaford Half marathon with 2 getting personal bests, Rich Hill clocking 1:24:02 and Phil Abbott, now in the habit of setting new best times, posted 1:29:48 - his first time under the magical 1:30 mark.

Both Richard and Phil were in the top 50. Craig Parker set 1:38:30 in 106th place, Vicky Yeomans finished 173rd in 1:46 and Craig’s wife Debbie finished in 228th place. There were 494 finishers.


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