Whatstandwell Hangover Run

This race is well named as is at 11:00am on 1st of Jan each year. This hilly 5 mile race starts up hill for 3 miles the next half mile is down followed by half mile of up again. The last mile is the best as it is steeply downhill.

Times of 4 mins for local runners have been recored for this last mile which is not bad after the previous 4 miles. 15 Long Eaton runners, most looking rough from the night before, cured their hangovers with this race staged by Dave Denton.

Alan Seamer started the year with 7th place. Glen Coleman in 8th got revenge over Ian Chant who recorded 32.28 and 11th. John Birch in local territory was 15th. Graham Whitt fended off the fast finishing Phil Abbott who managed to best Mick McDermott for the first time. Shaun Burton 8th home for Long Eaton was pleased to knock 1:30 from last years time, Colin Bostock was even more please to knock 3:30 off.

Sandwiched between Shaun and Colin was Phil Walters running his first race since June and finishing in 39:50. Ian Wallis came 55th and Damien Cowlishaw completing his first year Running was a whopping 7 minutes quicker than last year. Debut girl Debbie Parker took 43:39, Carole Birch now running for Wirksworth was 5 mins faster than in 2006 and Peter Thorburn was the 6th Male over 60 to finish.


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