High Peak Relays

Cromford was the venue for the High Peak Relays, held on the 12th Nov. Long Eaton Running club sent 3 teams, organised by mens captain John Birch, two mens teams and one womens each of 10 runners.

The relays held over a distance of 35 miles had ten stages ranging from 2.4 miles to 5.3 miles. Even though there was a very cold wind good times and team work were very much in evidence, exemplified by Sue Klotschkow who on the first and hardest leg fell ill and still completed the stage for her team.

The team work was also shown by Dawn Blatherwick's father who gave the Long Eaton Runners on stage nine blankets to keep warm.

7 club stage times were broken by the runners with Annette Ellison, Dawn Blatherwick and Vicky Yeomans fastest for their legs. Jon Hughes, Glen “Norm” Coleman, Sean Matthews and Andy Colgate achieving bests for their legs.

Each of the 3 Long Eaton teams were quicker than the previous year with the mens 2nd team 24 minutes quicker! The mens 1st team were 6th overall out of the 42 teams, The 2nd mens team 19th place and the Women were 26th.


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