Twentieth Anniversary Update

Friday March 3rd saw the first event of our celebrations with a drunken dash from the bus shelter on Tamworth Road where the first ever run had started exactly 20 years before. One of the founder members, Martin Goodall accompanied the 25 runners, although it has to be said mainly by taxi, and another Don Pitman met us at the Victoria in Beeston where we finished up. In between we braved the snow, managing to find our way from the Old Ale House to the Tappers Harker without huskies, and amused the patrons of the Manor and the Blue Bell, Attenborough who could not believe that people would do such a stupid thing as to run from pub to pub. A lot of beer was consumed by all and the event was a great success.

The next event is our 5 mile race on 11th June. We are offering free entry to up to 50 past members, so if you know anyone who might be interested ask them to fill in a form and send it to me with past member written on it. We will also have a t-shirt available to buy with the names of every past and present member on the back. I am currently compiling a list which I will circulate so that you can check if I have missed anyone out. Also on that day we hope to have an exhibition of old club magazine reports, race results and photographs. If you have anything that may be useful please let me know.

The second event is a points race, involving visiting as many checkpoints as possible in a given time, 2 or 4 hours. This will start at Dale Abbey at 10 am on Saturday 8th July and is being organized by Richard Wilkinson and Phil Walters. There will be two courses so that anyone can enter - think of it as a cross between orienteering and a long Sunday run. You will need to do a bit of map and compass work but it will be a pairs or even larger team run. Afterwards there will be time for a pint at the Carpenters Arms and then a party at Richard’s in the evening. It is the same day as the 3rd/4th place playoff at the world cup but I’m sure it won’t involve England. A small fee will be charged for a t-shirt and to cover the cost of prizes.

On Saturday the 29th July we are having the 20 trig points relay. This event is being organized by Tony Vardy and covers about 80 miles and 8000 feet of climbing. There will be 15 legs of varying lengths and speeds, with at least 3 people needed for each leg. You may run as many legs as you feel. We anticipate a time of 14 hours or so which means an early start at around 4 am. Afterwards there will be a party at Sean Matthews’s house to celebrate.

Also in the pipeline for later on in the year is a Hash, a bit like a paperchase but following a flour trail, and another drunken dash in October on the clubs official birthday. We have also discussed a weekend away to do a race but as yet have had no concrete plans or a volunteer to organize this (hint, hint). We have also considered putting on a 20km or 20 mile run before the Robin Hood and inviting local clubs to join us on a non-competitive friendly Sunday long run.

I would also like to know if there are enough takers to make it worth while to produce a commemorative mug. Let me know at club nights and we will try to get them by the 5 miler, anticipated price about 2 or 3 pounds, if there sufficient interest. We would also like to have a club photograph taken on a Tuesday night, if anyone knows of a suitable photographer let Ash or me know.


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