boston marathon

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boston marathon

Postby Heavyman » Tue Apr 16, 2013 8:22 am

In the light of what the events of the Boston Marathon, i write this with a mixture of sadness for the families of those caught up in this terrible event, and anger at those responsible, my next thoughts are with everyone running the London Marathon on Sunday and Manchester on the 28th, i am sure that security will be stepped up and everything will be fine, but it is understandable if people are put off from running their event and no one will critisize if you do decide not to run. My own thoughts are is that is what these cowerdly terrorist bastards want to happen. Its only you who knows what youve gone thoughto train for 26.2 miles, the long miles, the emotional ups and downs, the cold , the rain, the snow,and the probable heat of the hottest day of the year on race day, the effort put in on your on or with other runners,the niggles and the injuries just to get to the start line. Then you have the sacrifices you have made, the comitment of time the child care arrangements and the support and love of your other halves/partners listening to you and your running stories and moans/delighted chatter about how your are feeling with your last training run. With London only 5 days away at the time i write this you have deservered to be on that start line,you and your families have earnt that right, you have invested your time and effort and your families have supported you all the way, you deserve to have that medal put around your neck at the end of the race.

Best of luck to everyone on race day.

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Re: boston marathon

Postby Woolly » Tue Apr 16, 2013 11:56 am

Well said Shaun agree agree agree
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