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Dispatches programme

Postby creakinees » Sat Apr 10, 2010 1:27 pm

Did anyone see the Dispatches programme about London Marathon. Very interesting and although you have to be careful what you believe I was amazed that only about a quarter of the money goes to charity with something like £13million being spent on the race organisation and administration last year. Mind you with their highest earner being on 1/4 million it's easy to see where some of the money goes.

Many club members won't be surprised by the cost to charities of Golden Bond places but might be surprised by the apparent abuse of places to persuade charities to sign up to mega expensive advertising deals or the lack of fairness when deciding who can have Golden Bond places in the first place. i think this will have been a real eye opener for some and it wouldn't surprise me if the Charity commission and even the Inland Revenue ask some questions of London Marathon. I wouldn't say it was the best investigative journalism I've ever seen but worth a watch - I assume you could catch it on More 4 if interested.

Incidenatlly one final thought. When you consider just how much work goes into organising a race, even one as "small" as ours you can appreciate how much is involved with London. I for one would suggest that organising such an event needs a business and as such the London organisers could never be unpaid volunteers. So I wouldn't begrudge the expenses so much but I do think they should reconsider their charitable status.

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Re: Dispatches programme

Postby Rover » Mon Apr 18, 2011 2:26 pm


You were right about a year before the rest of us woke up to it!

250k for Dave Bedford is OTT, but I agree that it should be paid - but would put at least 100k back into the pot from a reduced salary at that level.

Oh Birkenhead is wonderful!

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