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Postby boyband6666 » Wed Feb 22, 2012 3:22 pm

I thought I should put a post up to say hi.

Anyway I moved to Long Eaton in November (partially on the fact I know the running club here is good), and have been once or twice around Christmas to run with you. Now it is getting warmer (I don't cope well with the cold), I'm looking forward to getting involved (as much as I can until marathon training is over, when I will have more choice about when I run).

Currently I'm 27, have been running for 15 years (lots for 2-3, seriously for 18 months - before was just a fortnightly 9 miles or so). Current PBs are 3.14 marathon and 1.26.53 half (the only distances I have made serious attempts at - parkrun doesn't count, nor does a comeback 10k after 3 months not running). Anyway I'm currently training for the Milton Keynes Marathon (29 April), with the aim of going sub-3 (for once I need my calves to last the distance), and also Loughborough half (I want sub 1.25). Hopefully I will also then get a chance to take part in the summer league, as it looks fun :-)

Hopefully I will be seeing you all around, and I'm looking forward to getting faster and doing more races!


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Re: Hello

Postby rollerman » Wed Feb 22, 2012 3:43 pm

Wow fantastic times, Shaun and Jackie are doing Milton keynes would be worth contacting them to join in there training plan, great to have you on board.
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