LERC 5 - 2016 marshalling positions

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LERC 5 - 2016 marshalling positions

Postby KarenL » Wed Sep 07, 2016 12:22 pm

We have the beginnings of a plan!

We are looking for marshalls to meet near the finish area at the side of the leisure centre, where there will be a box of hi-viz vests and we can clarify positions if anyone is uncertain where exactly they will be. Stephane Catelain will be in charge of marshalls. Ian Chant helping to set up the course and oversee inside the park, Rob Fox out on the roads.

Marshalls inside the park to be in post for the fun run too, starting at 9.20am. Please see Phil Abbott by 9.10 for details on this race.

If people can let me have mobile numbers in case we need them on the day, that would be very helpful - either message on here or Facebook or let me know at club on Thursday night.

Start and finish area

Public address - Jimmy Willan

Start and timekeeping - Rob Jackson and David Lindsey

Funnel finishers - Lisa and Peter Machin

Results - Phil Abbott

Results runner - Seth White

Goody bags - Helen and Jack Waterfall

Late entries 5 mile - Chris Robson, Peter Fowles, June Brown

Assist with 2 mile entries - Karen Preston

Drinks station - jitty between North Road and Tamworth Road - Geoff Jones, Peter Thorburn, Ian Whyte

Lead cyclists - John Hay, Rich Wilkinson

Rear cyclist - John Hay


Near sports field - rugby pitches etc

Lisa and Peter Machin (pre-funnel duties!)

Ash Patel

Rachel Argent

Park path (nearest half of park, up to brook)

The Smiths

Kim Howe

Charli Hunt

Footbridge over brook by skatepark

Aanna and Jane (sorry Paul M!)

Far sports area - brook to canal including play park

Vaughan, Louise McQuade

Sarah K

Scott Freeman (if not running!)

Thoresby Road to Ash Grove

Park exit

Colin Bostock, Shaun Burton, Helen Wheat

Junction Hawthorn Ave/Laurel Crescent

Liz Lakin

Ash Grove to Tamworth Rd:

Junction Hawthorn Ave/Ash Grove -

Mel K

School entrance - Cathy Brown

North Rd to drink station - Mike Howard

End of jitty/Tamworth Rd - Paul Lewis

Tamworth Rd to Broad St:

Bus stops - Lisa Mackintosh and Sharon Street

1st to 5K - Stephane

Fire station - Oliver Cook, Tony Blakeway

Tamworth Rd/Broad St junction - Dan Jones and Shaun Borrill

Junction Broad St/Milner Rd - Mr Milner!

Cut through Lawrence St/Regent St - Marc Kinch, Mike Widdowson one each end

Canal bridge - John Gibbon, Alex Holland + daughter

Leopoldo St gate to park - Martin Goodall

Events Field (car parking) - Alan M and Rob Easter

Maz in charge of cake stall in the hall

I hope the above all sense.

Please shout if you have any questions.


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