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At Long Eaton Running Club, we cater for all ages and abilities, from the 12 minute miler to the 12 miles an hour athlete. We run on Tuesdays and Thursdays, meeting at 6.30p.m. for an optional warm up session then start running at 7pm. We organise at least 2 different distances to cater for different abilities & if you are new a LERC member will stay with you so you won't get lost. After training, a few of us always go for a beer or two at a local pub, so please join us for a chat. Have a look around our site and if you fancy a run with us why not pop along one club night. We don't bite.

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The next event in the calendar is : Crich Monument race ‘summer league’

A scenic 11.3k trail race with 1000ft of climbing. Club colours must be worn for summer league pints. All proceeds for the event go to local charities.      

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Runner of the Month

Congratulations to Paul Stevenson
Runner of the Month - Paul Stevenson.

Another month passed, another month of ridiculous improvements and another month of monumental feats and challenges.

Paul though, Paul takes the biscuit with his latest effort. Even for a man who is known for his fell running and long days out on the mountains, this was impressive. Not only did he complete 100 miles in just one week, but he also climbed 10,000 feet whilst doing it!

This would be impressive enough for a fully fit youngster, but Paul's a couple of years into his 60's now. Over the course of the week, Paul was active for nearly a full 24 hours accomplishing this challenge, which must have taken great resilience, determination and planning.

10,000 feet is a lot of climbing too, for a bit of context, Scafell Pike is a little over 3,000 feet; Ben Nevis 4,000; Snowdon 3,5000; and Alpe d'Huez the toughest climb on the Tour de France 6,000. So that's a lot of climbing!

A quick look at Paul's results history for us, shows immediately how long he's been pounding out the miles on pretty much every hill that exists! https://www.longeatonrunningclub.com/runners.php?id=0617

For many years Paul has been a great LERC'er, even when not first claim for us. A top athlete, a great man to have around and another of our inspirational elders.

Congratulations on this phenomenal achievement, Paul!

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June Runner of the Month - Paul Stevenson

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Long Eaton Running Club organises 'The Nomad Ultra' each year - click for more information;

The Nomad Ultra - 50 miles, 50km and relay [external site]
The Long Eaton 5 - Historical results
The Long Eaton 2 - The Fun Run - Historical results


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