Paul Chapman (M40)

Current member : Yes

Best time for 5k is 19:53 (6:25) Link to race
Best time for 4m is 26:23 (6:36) Link to race
Best time for 5m is 33:02 (6:36) Link to race
Best time for 10k is 41:47 (6:44) Link to race
Best time for half is 1:36:02 (7:20) Link to race

Performance History

History for 5k

History for 4m

History for 5m

History for 10k


3rd m40 @ Heaton Parkrun
3rd m40 @ Wilmslow Parkrun
2nd m40 @ Sixfields Upton Parkrun
3rd m40 @ Eden Project Parkrun
1st m40 @ Chippenham Parkrun
2nd m40 @ Princes Parkrun
1st m40 @ Linford Wood Parkrun
2nd m40 @ Bedworth Parkrun

3rd @ Horton Park Parkrun
2nd m40 @ Sewerby Parkrun
2nd m40 @ Peter Pan Parkrun
1st m40 @ Ludlow Parkrun
2nd m40 @ Catterick Parkrun
3rd m40 @ Warrington Parkrun
2nd m40 @ Jersey Parkrun
3rd m40 @ Wetherby Parkrun
1st m40 @ Cleethorpes Parkrun
3rd m40 @ South Manchester Parkrun
3rd m40 @ Guernsey Parkrun
1st m40 @ Queens Parkrun
3rd m40 @ Barry Island Parkrun
3rd m40 @ Normanby Hall Parkrun
2nd m40 @ Brighouse Parkrun
3rd m40 @ Goole Parkrun
1st m40 @ Harrogate Parkrun
1st m40 @ Father Collins parkrun: Dublin
1st male team @ Weston 5
3rd m40 @ Croxteth Hall Parkrun
1st m40 @ Dalby Forest Parkrun
3rd m40 @ Rothwell Parkrun
3rd m40 @ Dudley Parkrun
3rd m40 @ Valentines Parkrun
2nd m40 @ Northallerton Parkrun
3rd m40 @ Hull Parkrun
1st lady @ Rugby Parkrun
3rd m40 @ Barnsley Parkrun
2nd m40 @ Halifax Parkrun
3rd m40 @ Crosby Parkrun

1st m40 @ Erddig Parkrun


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