Sunday 14th Feb - Love on the Run

Running at the weekend or away from the Club? Let people know when, how long & how fast - you might get some company
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Sunday 14th Feb - Love on the Run

Postby ksarb » Wed Feb 10, 2016 11:13 am

Sunday 14th of Feb Sawley & Airport trail ( BREAKFAST RUN ) 8:00am start

How about a nice good English breakfast after a Mixed terrain Run.
With running the trail today it was very muddy but was great fun doing it, I advise Road shoe to Nags Donnington then change shoe to trail.

As I am on a step back week I could collect the change of trainers and I will meet you at the trail start.


WPLC - Marina - Loop - Marina = 16
Harrington Arms - Marina Loop - Marina =14
Marina - Loop - Marina = 13.5
Airport Trail Loop = 6.5 miles

as a few know the route now i hope we get a mixed pace.
if not running just come for the social breakfast @ Mason & Mason
If your interested jot it down if you like getting muddy this is for you !!
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