400 Challenge

Running at the weekend or away from the Club? Let people know when, how long & how fast - you might get some company
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Re: 400 Challenge

Postby wilko » Thu May 17, 2018 6:34 am

Well done on the Shakespeare marathon Anthony and the C400 is perfectly set up.

Notts 10 in August, a few 5's knocking about then any of Dave Denton's mile races from September or a track mile - the club could even organise a track mile race up at Ilkeston.

Brilliant effort so far!

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Re: 400 Challenge

Postby boyband6666 » Tue Aug 14, 2018 9:26 pm

Ok to put this one to bed (hopefully), I now have times recorded for everything apart from the 1 mile... and am entered in to the 1 mile and 5000m tomorrow in Nottingham. I've also knocked bits off of some of the other times

1 mile TBC
5K 16.27 (Newstead Abbey) edges out the 16.43 (LE Parkrun)
5 mile 27.58 (Trent 5) edges out the 28.04 from Holme Pierrepont
10K 34.04 (Tara Kinder) edges out 34.29 (Rushcliffe 10k)
10 mile 57.45 Notts 10
1/2M 75.44 (Belvoir half)
M 2.50.24 (Shakespere marathon)

Total time, 383.22 (I think?), leaving me needing a 16.30 (my 5k best) for 1 mile.

Whilst a lot of the times are good, the marathon is kind of lame and hinders the whole attempt, after London was simply too hot to get close to the time I wanted. Shakespere was done to then get qualification for London Marathon (as well as Boston if I decide I want to do it). It is however a massive handicap as it means my 400 challenge is very beatable - compare to my 2014 set, whilst the sub marathon times net faster now, I'm haemorrhaging 11 minutes on the marathon (a <2.40 marathon would have made this all very hard for someone to beat). Still, it should be a decent marker and club best if added to the race standings as an actual challenge which I think it should be - the range you have to show is enormous, backed up with a good marathon.

Even after tomorrow I won't be done (hopefully), with the Wilne 10k, and Worksop Half both chances to chase some more seconds, plus parkruns whenever I get a change to run quick. Fingers crossed I make it to, and round, the mile...

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