VLM 2016 Club Entry Draw

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VLM 2016 Club Entry Draw

Postby foxontherun » Tue Oct 25, 2016 9:22 am

The draw is tonight, after the SL presentation. Only 2 places now that the cruel VLM organisers have shifted the goal-posts.

The names so far:

Kev Barry
Matt Weightman - now withdrawn
Phil Walters!!!!!! Welcome back Phil.
Vicky Mycroft
Barry Gordon
Anna Mulligan-Freeman
Lindsay Air
Laura Froggatt
Sarah Kuehne
Wayne Collings
Tim Baggs (sorry Tim - no cycling)
Steve McQuade
Louise McQuade

Any more to me before the draw - must have rejection proof. Also, entered as LERC & Paid up subs.

No fighting afterwards please. Stiff upper lips only.


Rob Easter
Sarah Edmonds
Maz White
Scott Conroy
Phil Thompson
Closet Trackster!

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