Club Training 21st January - Out & Back fun

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Club Training 21st January - Out & Back fun

Postby Woolly » Sun Jan 03, 2016 4:40 pm

Pre-Run for warm up available from 6.45pm for 10 minutes of dynamic movements getting you ready for the evening run, come and join in!

[b]Out & Back Time Challenge[/b]

In rough paced / ability groups / pairs, just need a watch to run out for 25 minutes and turn to run back.

The challenge is for the faster runners to catch up others and for the steadier runners to hold their pace and not let the faster runners catch them up on the return! (if you get to Nottingham the 25 minutes has passed)

This is for fun, if you want to run a shorter distance then do, if you want to get competitive keeping those runners behind you or chasing on the way back.

To West Park shelter and path to ‘Yellow’ gate exit – Right Parkside Avenue – Right Derby Road – To L.E – Pass ‘Asda’ store, Nottingham Road – Pass ‘Manor House’ Pub – Pass McDonald – Continue Straight ‘on’ at the traffic light’s – UNTIL 25 MINUTES taking you along A6005 towards Chilwell Olympia and TURN AROUND RUN BACK Nottingham Road – To L.E – Derby Road and Left Parkside Avenue back through the park.

GROUP A : (7:00min pace)

GROUP B : (7:30min pace)

GROUP C: (8:00min pace)

GROUP D: (8:30min pace)

GROUP E: (9:00min pace)

GROUP F: (9:30 min pace)

GROUP G: (10.00 min pace)

GROUP H: (11.00 Min pace)

Others ....


We will need volunteers to take a group on the night and runners with a watch or pair with others and a tail runner

Rachel Argent, Club Secretary

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Re: Club Training 21st January - Out & Back fun

Postby Dodgy calf » Wed Jan 20, 2016 1:43 pm

Bump !

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