Training Session - Run with optional strides.

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Training Session - Run with optional strides.

Postby Woolly » Mon Jul 13, 2015 8:35 pm

Busy week of races, so relax and have a good recovery run in between. Why not add in some short strides lamppost to lamppost on the way back or tree to tree for the last section.

Be sensible and rest if required.

Pre-Run for warm up available from 6.45pm for 10 minutes of dynamic movements getting you ready for the evening run, come and join in!

6.7 miles

To Wilsthorpe Road island (Eaton Farm pub) – Straight ‘on’, Petersham Road – To the bend to

Crossover – Left Longmoor Lane & under Motorway bridge – Right Stile and path across the ‘horse’ field

-To Stile and straight ‘on’, Old Derby Canal path – To ‘Navigation’ pub – Path side of the pub – To

Hopwell Road junction – Left Hopwell Road – To Draycott square to crossover MAIN Street – Up Market

street – Left South Street – To the end of the road and right path between the house – Left Wilne Road –

First left path along the Embankment slope – To ‘+’ paths – Left path to Sawley Road junction via gate –

Crossover the road and path in front , ‘Coffin path’ – Across West Farm paths – To ‘Dundas’ butcher

Shop exit – Right Main Street and head back.

Options if needed to cut it shorter should it be needed too, just let the runners know around you and stay in pairs or small groups.

Rachel Argent, Club Secretary

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