Training Session 12th March - Grouped paced run with fartlek

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Training Session 12th March - Grouped paced run with fartlek

Postby Woolly » Wed Mar 11, 2015 10:56 am

A slight twist on the group paced run so pick you pace group, stick together and fartlek means speed play.

So start with a [b]warm up to the railway bridge, Tesco Asda opposite crossing carefully [/b]

Along [b]Nottingham rd, Swiney way and Carrfield use this as the fartlek / speed play session[/b] - either have your watch timed to [b]bleep on the minute or use 2 lamp posts rule of effort and 1 min / 2 lamp posts of a recovery steady run[/b]

Returning with a [b]recovery run through the playing fields and back[/b].

Please be aware of road crossings, cars and those pesky kerbs when pushing the pace.


Wilsthorpe Road island (Eaton Farm pub) – Right Derby Road – To L.E – Pass ‘Wiko’ store – Over the Railway bridge, Nottingham Road – Pass the ‘Manor’ House pub – Left Swiney Way – To Traffic light’s and crossover – Right Carrfield Avenue – Path across the Playing field, crossing two bridges – Up Cleveland Avenue – Right Nottingham Road – L.E centre – Derby Road and back.

GROUP A : (7:00min pace) Pacing is just a guide for grouping of runners this week, not actually focusing on staying at that pace but working together to train.

GROUP B : (7:30min pace)

GROUP C: (8:00min pace)

GROUP D: (8:30min pace)

GROUP E: (9:00min pace)

GROUP F: (9:30 min pace)

GROUP G: (10.00 min pace)


We will need volunteers to take a group on the night.

The rule is to attempt to do keep the group together to the end at the pace.

Also on the night if we don't get anybody to take a group on then we shall skip that group

Rachel Argent, Club Secretary

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