Club Training - Thursday 11th April - 6.4 miles and 3.2 miles

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Club Training - Thursday 11th April - 6.4 miles and 3.2 miles

Postby marc.kinch » Thu Apr 11, 2019 6:40 am

Meet up in the studio room to the left of reception 6.45 for a 7.00 start of the run.

[color=#BF0040]Please keep the reception area clear.[/color]

Please wear high visibility / reflective clothing

[b]Option One : 6.4 miles[/b] - [url][/url]

‏Right Wilsthorpe Road to crossover carefully – Left garden allotment gate – To ‘T’ junction – Left path back of housing estate –

To the bend and through right among the brushes– Path across the playing field – To Motorway bridge and under – path round the field – To corner/trailer – Left diagonal path across Breaston Farm – From the 'Golden Brook' field via to the left paths to the 'new'

Railway bridge to crossover – Path to Draycott Road/Sawley Road – Left under the 'M1' bridge and crossover – To the gate and take the path to Wilne Road exit – Down Wilne Road – Left Tamworth Road(Nag Head pub) – Crossover and Right Lock Lane -

To Trent Lock golf entrance, to take the path on the left to crossover the 'Narrow' foot bridge – Left Erewash Canal

Exit onto Tamworth Road at the Fire station Tower – Left Broad Street – Into West Park via the bridge and Right path back.

[b]Option Two: Progression / Recovery Run - 3.3 miles[/b] [url][/url]

From West Park left onto Wilsthorpe Road, continue to rail station roundabout and turn left onto Tamworth Road. Follow through town to the Green and turn left onto Derby Road. Continue to the left turn onto Wilsthorpe Road and return to WPLC.


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Re: Club Training - Thursday 11th April - 6.4 miles and 3.2 miles

Postby Rach_L_T » Thu Apr 11, 2019 8:34 am


Is there a map for the 6.4 mile route tonight? Sorry, I'm a bit rusty!

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