Club Training - 21 February - 2 runs - one headtorch

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Club Training - 21 February - 2 runs - one headtorch

Postby TheCheesemaker » Sun Feb 17, 2019 3:34 pm

Meet at West Park Leisure Centre (WPLC) from 6.45 in the studio room to the left of reception for a 7.00 start.

[b]Option one:[/b] Sawley and canal loop 5.7 miles [url][/url] [color=#FF0000][b]Headtorches must be worn[/b][/color]

Left on to Wilsthorpe Road; right at railway station island on to Tamworth Road; on to Harrington bridges; left on to towpath; over the bridge at the end; right on to river path toward Trent Lock; left on to canal, past Steamboat; right on to Tamworth Road at the canal bridge; left on to Broad Street; over the bridge on to West Park and back to WPLC.

[b]Option two:[/b] Toton Tesco loop 6.3 miles [url][/url]

Right on to Wilsthorpe Road; right at Eaton Farm island on to Derby Road; straight on at The Green and Asda island on to Nottingham Road; left at Macdonald's crossroads on to Swiney Way; left on to Stapleford Lane; right at Toton Corner on to Nottingham Road; straight on at Asda island and The Green on to Derby Road; left at Eaton Farm island back to WPLC.

Look out for each other and stay in groups on the headtorch run.

Wear hi-vis.

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