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Club Training - 17 January - 2 routes

Posted: Sun Jan 13, 2019 5:53 pm
by TheCheesemaker
Meet in the studio room to the left of reception from 6.45. Runs to start at 7.00.

[b]Option one:[/b] 7.2 miles [url][/url]

Right on to Wilsthorpe Road; right on to Derby Road; stright on at The Green on to Nottingham Road; left at Toton Corner on to High Road and Stapleford Lane; straight on up Stapleford Lane to Bardill's island; stright on to Toton Lane; left on to New Eaton Road; left on to Brookhill Street to end; left on to Station Road; left on to Longmoor Road; straight on to Wilsthorpe Road at Eaton Farm island, back to WPLC.

[b]Option two:[/b] 5.3 miles [url][/url]

Right on to Wilsthorpe Road; straight on to Petersham Road at Eaton Farm island and on to Longmoor Road; left at Sandiacre lights on to Derby Road; up the hill, then turn left on to Shaftsbury Avenue to end; left on to Lancaster Avenue and continue on to Haworth Road; right on to Longmoor Lane; straight on at Eaton Farm island back to WPLC.

Hi-vis must be worn by all runners. Please look out for each other and take care.