Club Training - 5th May - Group Paced Run

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Club Training - 5th May - Group Paced Run

Post by Cathy » Mon Jul 02, 2018 9:29 pm

Meet from 6.45pm, run to start 7pm.
Group paces run in pairs or small groups looking after each other

5.5 MILES - Group paced Run

To Wilsthorpe Tavern Pub roundabout – Right Dovedale Avenue and crossover – First left Milldale Road –
First left Kirkdale Road – First Right kirkdale Garden and alleyway – Crossover road and straight on alleyway
Left Lathkilldale Crescent and Alleyway and trough the tunnel – Crossover Road and straight ‘on’,Grosvenor
Avenue – Right Draycott Road – Left Plant Lane – Crossover road and take ‘Church’ Avenue alleyway Right
Tamworth Road – To the farm stile and path across the Trent golf course – Right Lock Lane – Crossover the
‘White’ bridge at Trent Lock – Left Erewash Canal – Near end of wall onto Tamworth Road – Left Broad
Street – Into the Park via the bridge and head back.

GROUP A : (7:00min pace)
GROUP B : (7:30min pace)
GROUP C: (8:00min pace)
GROUP D: (8:30min pace)
GROUP E: (9:00min pace)
GROUP F: (9:30 min pace)
GROUP G: (10.00 min pace)
GROUP H: (11.00 Min pace)
Others ....

We will need volunteers to take a group on the night and runners with a watch or pair with others and a tail runner

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Re: Club Training - 5th May - Group Paced Run

Post by AshokKumarPatel » Thu Jul 05, 2018 12:06 pm

This is tonight session.