LERC 5 Mile Road Race - 2014 onwards

A place for LERCers to discuss the 5 mile race. Organisation and such stuff
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LERC 5 Mile Road Race - 2014 onwards

Postby foxontherun » Thu Dec 19, 2013 12:54 pm

Most of you will know that we require a new Race Director and team (of 3 to 4) to take on the LERC 5 mile race from 2014. We have already had response to the recent initial request, but need further definite commitment. You will also probably be aware that the current working date is July 20th. Without a fresh, dedicated new race organising group with a clear group leader, setting to work ASAP, and building on the good work done for last year’s race, the Club Management Committee will suspend the event for 2014, with an intention to stage a re-vamped race in 2015, possibly with significant changes.

If that were to happen, we could still stage a Fun Run on July 20th, or cancel the whole event.

As an established club, to cancel a regular fixture in the local races calendar would be a huge step to take. If we do so, it should be with a clear commitment to return on a set date in 2015, and for planning to start now. That means having a new race team in place.

Please comment/volunteer below as you feel appropriate.

Rob Fox.
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Re: LERC 5 Mile Road Race - 2014 onwards

Postby TartanPimpernell » Thu Dec 19, 2013 5:56 pm

Hi Rob,

I have sent you a PM. Hopefully speak soon.

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