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Club Training - 17th April Run/Risley Hills

Posted: Mon Apr 02, 2018 6:02 pm
by Cathy
Meet from 6:45pm and run / speedwork to start at 7pm from West park leisure centre.


To Wilsthorpe island (Eaton Farm pub) – Crossover at the Pelican Light’s – Left Derby Road– Right Poplar Road – Left Longmoor Lane – To Navigation Pub junction – Right Risley Lane – Breaston Lane – To Derby Road (‘Parkside’ Hotel Pub) – Left Derby Road and crossover – Right gravel path going up – Pass the house and first right path round the field – To Stile and across – Crossover the brook bridge – Up the hill to the tree and down – To ‘Nook gate’ – Right gravel path – To Derby Road to crossover – Path in front – Crossover A52 bridge – Left corner path and then Strawberry field paths – Left stile and across the ‘horse’ field – Left Longmoor Lane – Right Petersham Road and back.

Option 2: Risley Hills

Meet at Risley Park Pub at 7pm for Risley Hills session with Mario and Cathy.
Warm up to start, then 60 seconds on the whistle up the hill and run down together.

If you prefer to start from WP, then 2 miles there and 2 miles back, or from the Navigation Breaston, about 1 miles there and back!

Re: Club Training - 17th April Run/Risley Hills TCB

Posted: Sun Apr 15, 2018 7:08 pm
by Woolly
Hi all shorter option for LEL group similar but 3.7 miles below if anyone wants to join in.