Club Training: 6th March 1k Reps, Head Torch or Run

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Club Training: 6th March 1k Reps, Head Torch or Run

Postby Cathy » Mon Feb 26, 2018 7:33 pm

Meet at WP for 6.45 real to run at 7pm.

Option 1:

Head Torch Run: 5.6 MILES - options to cut it short if required by just running straight back to west park and missing Breaston part for around 4 miles

Across West Park and exit via Broad Street bridge – Left Milner Road – First left Lawrence Street – To the ‘Fencing’ – Right Erewash Canal – Pass the ‘Wade’ factory along the embankment – Continue to Sandiacre Lock bridge to crossover onto Lock lane – To the ‘ bolder’ and left old Derby Canal path – To
Bostock Lane exit – Right Longmoor Lane – Underneath Motorway bridge – To ‘Navigation’ pub – Left Risley Lane – Left Main Street and head back.

Remember to stay in groups and don't forget your head torch! :D

Option 2:

To L.E Railway station roundabout – Left Tamworth Road – Market Place – Crossover a the Pelican Lights –
Right Nottingham Road - Right Station Road at the Children Nursery – To L.E – Left Main Street –
To ‘Tappers Harker’ pub roundabout – Up Field Farm Road and back.

Option 3:

All up to you on how many reps, pace - idea is to keep constant, shouldn't be talking! This is effort so pace at you target 5k time or event 10k time.
Starting left hand pavement near road into estate from roundabout keeping, left all the way around from the corner to corner approx.

Steady warm up run around pennyfield estate and then 1k reps.
Group A ; 6 REP's
Group B: 4 to 5 REP's
Group C: 3 REP's.

90 second standing recovery after each rep.
Once complete have a jog/recovery run opposite direction to cool down after to shake the effort out the legs!

Plus C25K!

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Re: Club Training: 6th March 1k Reps, Head Torch or Run

Postby AshokKumarPatel » Tue Mar 06, 2018 12:51 pm

Remain people to congregate in the Studio Room please.

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