Club Training - 20th Feb Hill Work or Run

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Club Training - 20th Feb Hill Work or Run

Postby Cathy » Sun Jan 21, 2018 7:37 pm

Meet from 6:45pm and run to start at 7pm. Will be looking for volunteers and tail runners for both options to look out for everyone and those that know the routes look out for the newer or existing members that don't.


For the Hill repeats it is a 4 mile run out and back with optional number of hill reps up and down in between!
Before starting we all regroup at the bottom of Hayworth Road and Netherfield Road Junction
Warm-up jog to Hayworth Road and Netherfield Road Junction and then together :

Group A ; 6 REP's
Group B: 4 to 5 REP's
Group C: 3 REP's
But if you wanted to try it for the first time and do 1-2 then why not!
Ideally we would all recovery run back together but appreciate, if you finish before the other groups and want to head back, please do so in your groups / pairs letting us know this.
Can also meet us at the Hayworth road start point if can not make in time or session to long with warm up & back 4 miles.

Option 2: 6.4 MILES

Wilsthorpe Road island (Eaton Farm pub) – Straight ‘on’, Petersham Road – Round the bend Longmoor Road – To Sandiacre Light’s – Right Station Road – Derby Road (Stapleford) – To main junction – Right Toton Lane – To the Top of the hill and crossover – Right Brookhill Street – Left Station Road – To Sandiace Light’s – Left Longmoor Lane – Longmoor Road – Peterham Road and back.

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Re: Club Training - 20th Feb Hill Work or Run

Postby AshokKumarPatel » Tue Feb 20, 2018 12:53 pm

Gathering in the studio Room please

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