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At Long Eaton Running Club, we cater for all ages and abilities, from the 12 minute miler to the 12 miles an hour athlete. We run on Tuesdays and Thursdays, meeting at 6.30p.m. for an optional warm up session then start running at 7pm. We organise at least 2 different distances to cater for different abilities & if you are new a LERC member will stay with you so you won't get lost. After training, a few of us always go for a beer or two at a local pub, so please join us for a chat. Have a look around our site and if you fancy a run with us why not pop along one club night. We don't bite.

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Runner of the Month

Congratulations to Vicky Yeomans
Vicky is not a stranger to endurance / challenges / ultra running events over the years from fell to offroad, from 4 Inns, NoMad Ultra 50k or 50m, Wilmot Wander or back to back night running at the Thunder Run as training. But 100 miles at the Robin Hood Ultra event with shoes breaking, blisters and 100 miles in just over 26 hours - no more words needed! Congratulations to Vicky Yeomans and hope you've recovered well for your next challenge.

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LERC @ Seagrave

Recent PBs

Michael Bland (37:39 for 10k), Shaun Borrill (55:42 for 10k), Jane Coulson (1:11:02 for 10k), Damian Cowlishaw (59:06 for 10k), Marc Kinch (49:00 for 10k), Paul Lewis (43:40 for 10k), Laura McCristal (59:10 for 10k), Sarah Morley (58:06 for 10k), Gail Sudbury (1:00:32 for 10k), Joanne Moore (58:42 for 10k), Kim Howe (53:58 for 10k)


The next event in the calendar is : NMXC3 Shipley Park - Winter League

Shipley Park Women 13.25 Men 13.55      

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Our Races

Long Eaton Running Club organise 3 races thoughout the year - click for more information;

The Long Eaton 5
The Long Eaton 2 - The Fun Run
The Nomad Ultra - 50 miles, 50km and relay

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